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Big strength and endurance challenge on this WOD today. Yesterday the team coquered Civilian Military Combine in Philly.


Huge thanks to our Team photographer Donna who braved the down pour to get some great shots at the CMC this weekend in Philly.






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The team had an amazing day at Super Spartan! This Saturday we tackle the Civilian a Military Combine. Today we hit a recovery WOD.

Here's a great shot of the team after the finish of the Tri State Spartan Super. The team did an amazing job on a tough 8 mile course.


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Thursday total body goodness. Spartan Super ready.



Click HERE to learn more about the Superhuman Barbell Club, our training and how you can join us to train for Spartan, Civilian Military Combine or to just get fit!


CMC Training for our Wednesday WOD.


Click HERE to learn more about the Superhuman Barbell Club, our training and how you can join us to train for Spartan, Civilian Military Combine or to just get fit!


Chipper set, keeping us strong and limber. A few days out from the Spartan Super.



Click HERE to learn more about the Superhuman Barbell Club, our training and how you can join us to train for Spartan, Civilian Military Combine or to just get fit!



Leg day here at Team Superhuman HQ! It will be a bitch. Start with the 10 minute squat hold, then on to the chipper legs.


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Today at the Barbell club we will experiment with Crossfits Hero WOD Murph.


This is a workout that will push you to the limits and is a favorite. To learn more about Murph and the Murph challenge go here.

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Chipper WOD's are a favorite at the barbell club. It's a good workout to hit many different exercises. You can do this workout for time, or try to complete the WOD under 40 minutes.



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Getting our Beast on!



Spartan Races push you to the limit in a variety of ways. There are loads of training videos on YouTube as well as WOD’s from Spartan to help you train. However after several years of Spartan Races and earning my trifecta medal last year, I’ve found these 10 exercises to be crucial in successfully navigating a Spartan Race.

1. Running


I personally hate running. However, it’s a necessary evil. It not only keeps you in great shape, but is a crucial element in Spartan. Find some good apps to help you get started.


2. Pull Ups

You will be spending a lot of energy pulling yourself up and over walls, ropes and rocks. This takes considerable upper body strength. If you are not doing pull ups, start. As with all exercises, you will get better the more you do.


3. Carry heavy stuff

Start carrying heavy stuff, tires or logs do great. Carry a 20# log a mile a few times a week. It will help build your endurance and get you comfortable with being uncomfortable.


4. Sprints

Run some wind sprints. When I was a kid playing football we called them “suicides”. Whatever you call them, do them.

5. Squats

Air squats, front squats, back squats. Strengthen your legs. Squat.

6. Burpees

Fail an obstacle at Spartan and you are doing burpees. Add these horrible exercises to your routine, they suck, but the better you are at them the less of a toll they will take on race day.

7. Uphill marching

If you have the ability to march uphill in your town, take advantage of it. Another idea would be stairs at a local school sports complex. Some parks have hilly area that you can take advantage of.


If you cover these seven exercises in various ways in your Spartan training it will be a great race for you. Training doesn’t need to be complicated, and if you need any other tips or have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!






One of the greatest things in life is seeing you have been able to have a positive impact on someone's life. Training at Team Superhuman HQ is not just about conquering your body, but conquering your mind as well. Several months ago I had the privilege of having a new student enter my class who has embraced the art of Superhuman living and is now taking it to a whole new level.

Shauna came to class and dove right in to the exercises. I was immediately impressed with her conviction and how quickly she picked up form on new exercises. It has been inspiring to see how far she has come in the past year.

I asked Shauna for a testimonial of her past year, and here in her words is her experience.


Shauna on the left April 2013

One year ago exactly, I was in a rut. Fitness and otherwise. I had gotten bored of my monotonous gym routine and hadn’t gone in months. I decided to try kickboxing, which worked for about 6 months before I began to plateau. I wasn’t challenged. I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

Then, I decided to take Kirk’s body sculpt class; my segway into joining Team Superhuman. That decision alone is probably the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. From day 1, I was hooked. Kirk has helped me surpass my potential each and every workout.


Members of Team Superhuman have become like family; a family that consistently pushes you to be the best version of yourself. To make, maintain and reach goals. When I didn’t think I was capable of doing something, Kirk was there to motivate me and give me the confidence I needed to do that one more rep (or 5 more).

Mudderella 5k Team Superhuman

Without a doubt, I am in the best physical shape of my life. I’ve never been happier. Period. My mind, body and spirit continue to reap the benefits of each workout with Kirk. And my journey has only just begun!

Shauna continues to be an intrical part of the growth and success of Team Superhuman. Her commitment and resolve is second to none and she is certainly a favorite to win the Superhuman Hunger Games in February. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with her and excited to see her reach her Superhuman potential in 2014.

Shauna July 2013 and her January 2014

Proof that hardworking, and dedication pay off in so many ways.

Keep up the great work Shauna! You are such an inspiration to all of us.