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Hitting 50 seconds of each exercise with 15 seconds rest. Four rounds per exercise before moving on.

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Running today keeping the Spartan prep training going full swing! We'll add some intensity with body weight exercises and thrusters.

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Tabata style WOD. Fifty seconds work with 10 seconds work between exercises. Push up, abs, pull ups, repeat.

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Chipper style WOD going old school with some of these exercises. Warm up with a one mile warm up.

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Spartan Sprint in PA is about 45 days away for us at Team Superhuman so we are putting together workouts that build stamina in running and upper body strength.

We'll also toss in some sit ups for good measure to keep the abs strong.



Black Widow strengthening those back muscles.



Spartan Races push you to the limit in a variety of ways. There are loads of training videos on YouTube as well as WOD’s from Spartan to help you train. However after several years of Spartan Races and earning my trifecta medal last year, I’ve found these 10 exercises to be crucial in successfully navigating a Spartan Race.

1. Running


I personally hate running. However, it’s a necessary evil. It not only keeps you in great shape, but is a crucial element in Spartan. Find some good apps to help you get started.


2. Pull Ups

You will be spending a lot of energy pulling yourself up and over walls, ropes and rocks. This takes considerable upper body strength. If you are not doing pull ups, start. As with all exercises, you will get better the more you do.


3. Carry heavy stuff

Start carrying heavy stuff, tires or logs do great. Carry a 20# log a mile a few times a week. It will help build your endurance and get you comfortable with being uncomfortable.


4. Sprints

Run some wind sprints. When I was a kid playing football we called them “suicides”. Whatever you call them, do them.

5. Squats

Air squats, front squats, back squats. Strengthen your legs. Squat.

6. Burpees

Fail an obstacle at Spartan and you are doing burpees. Add these horrible exercises to your routine, they suck, but the better you are at them the less of a toll they will take on race day.

7. Uphill marching

If you have the ability to march uphill in your town, take advantage of it. Another idea would be stairs at a local school sports complex. Some parks have hilly area that you can take advantage of.


If you cover these seven exercises in various ways in your Spartan training it will be a great race for you. Training doesn’t need to be complicated, and if you need any other tips or have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!







Work for 90 seconds on each exercise, for AMRAP.  Don’t be afraid to lift heavy on the bicep curls.  Stretch before and after every workout!

Push ups and pull ups are the best body weight exercises to build strength and definition in your upper body.  Always focus on form, and if you are just starting, don’t be discouraged if you tire out quickly.  With time you will get stronger and be able to complete more reps and sets.



Questions or comments about this workout?  Please post below!