I Paint My Friend

For many years I suffered from depression and anxiety. I believe this was due to allowing myself to get away from having a creative outlet in life. Many of us have this issue after high school. We lose our creativity, get a job, have a car payment, girlfriend, wedding, kid….life.

I think the lack of having a creative outlet is one of the many things that contributed to my depression in life over the years. I began painting here and there years ago, but never took hold of the art until I painted my best friend, Boner. Through these absurd paintings I have found an amazing outlet for creativity. I no longer sit in front of the TV wasting away for hours on end watching Netflix or playing video games. I create art.

So, not only do I create art, which I loved so much as a kid, I create videos, which I loved all through out high school, and even fantasized about going to Hollywood to be a director. However, the director gig didn’t pan out because I was an unmotivated slacker who had dreams but not the fire to make them reality.

Now, here I am, making videos about art. Not just any art, I paint my friend…naked. So, take a few minutes and enjoy this video where I combine some of my favorite things, my buddy Boner, art, video making and weed. Welcome to Brushes and Buds.