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About 5 years ago the wife and I decided to cut the cord to cable and just went with wifi for the home. This left us with streaming our television shows on Netflix, Hulu and prime. This is by far the greatest decision ever. I see zero commercials and have access to amazing content.

That being said, lets look at the new Netflix series, love death and robots. I am a sci-fi geek. I love Star Wars, Marvel, all kinds of animation from Futurama to Rick and Morty to Family Guy. Give me some awesome animation, great stories with crude humor and or amazing graphic fight scenes and I’m on board. Add to this that the episodes run around 12 minutes and you really have my attention.

The series has 18 episodes and I’ll admit, not all are a home run. WARNING: There is a lot of nudity in this series on some episodes. It’s awesome. That being said, with female nudity there is male nudity. Be prepared to see some swinging dong. Its hysterical. There needs to me more male nudity in movies. I must be weird but the male cock and balls are rather amusing to me.

I do not want too spoil episodes for anyone, but if you liked movies with massive space creatures battling to the gory death, surprise twists, alien invasions, alternate universes and insane “what would I do in that scenario” shows, this is for you. Don’t forget the nudity and cock and balls. Love, Death and Robots is highly entertaining, fast paced and action packed. The story telling is clever, smart and intriguing. Watch this series, you won’t be disappointed.