2 Simple Things to Make Life Better

Lately I have had to really focus on making my mind less hectic.  I have a doctorate in procrastination and found I need to write things down in order to get some things done.  I have also discovered that I still put off doing things on my list sometimes.  Well, a lot of the time.

A to do list is a great tool to get you started, but I found that scheduling things in my calendar was a huge step in getting more important things done.  Your phone comes equipped with a calendar, use it.  Once I started scheduling my time at the gym, time to work on my business, my meditation practice and other important matters in life, I became much more efficient with my time.  Time is the one commodity we can not acquire more.  Be stingy with your time.  Everything I do is scheduled on a calendar. This is a tough habit to stick with, but when you commit 30 days to the process, you will be surprised about how much more efficient you become.

Meditation is the second practice I have started that was so difficult in the beginning, but is an important part of my daily routine. How do you start meditating?  Youtube has great beginner videos that will walk you through, 10, 15 or 30 minute sessions.   Just push play and follow the instructions.  I highly recommend starting off in the 5-10 minute range.  Spotify is another great resource for meditation.  Just start.  set aside 10 minutes a day where you won’t be disturbed.  Meditation benefits include reduced stress, improved concentration, information processing, fosters creativity an a host of other amazing things.


With great change comes great patience.  Try these practices in your life for the next 30 days and I guarantee you will see dramatic improvements in you life.  So many people I talk to live unfulfilled lives.  They are over 40, and feel like the American dream is really not a dream at all.  We are at a point were we realize this ride is at best half way over.  Perspectives and things change dramatically as life chugs along.  Thank you for joining me as I document my journey to build a newline after 40.


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Superhuman Guide to Becoming a Pull Up Master



Pull ups are some of the greatest yet most feared exercises. For many people it's a humbling experience. You stare at the bar, knowing that you should be able to crank out at least a dozen or more. Grip the bar, muscles ready to crank out the exercise, but to no avail. You get maybe 2 pull ups. At this point, most people give up on pull ups and walk away discouraged.


However, there is hope! When I started working out many moons ago I was a blobsquatch. I couldn't pick myself up 2 inches and could barely hang on to the bar for a few moments. I was humbled and pissed. At 30 years old, I should be able to do pull ups, but, no.


I was determined to get atleast 5 pull-ups. So how do you go from zero to hero?

1. Austrailian pull ups

This type of pull-up allows you to mimic a strict pull up, while building strength and form.

Spend 30 minutes two times a week working on these pull-ups. Don't be discouraged if you can only manage 2 or 3 pull-ups at a time. It's a progression, and will take time. Be patient. Do a few reps, take a break for a minute, crank out a few more. Reps, reps, reps.


2. Pull-up assist bands


Pull-up assist bands are the next step in your progression. These can be purchased at Walmart or Amazon. It's well worth the investment. These bands come in various resistance and will help you get stronger as you progress through he exercise.


As with Austrailian pull-ups the same methodology applies to the bands. Start with 3-4 reps at a time, take a break, crank out some more. Don't be afraid to change your grips to wide or close.

3. Remove the bands

After a few weeks with the bands, you are ready to remove bands and go full force into the pull ups. Again, start with 2-3 and take a break and hit a few more. You will fatigue quickly, and that's okay. Get the bands and finish your set.


What muscles benefit from pull-ups?







Not only will you look amazing, but you will build incredible strength. Don't fear pull ups, dive in and get started!


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