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About 5 years ago the wife and I decided to cut the cord to cable and just went with wifi for the home. This left us with streaming our television shows on Netflix, Hulu and prime. This is by far the greatest decision ever. I see zero commercials and have access to amazing content.

That being said, lets look at the new Netflix series, love death and robots. I am a sci-fi geek. I love Star Wars, Marvel, all kinds of animation from Futurama to Rick and Morty to Family Guy. Give me some awesome animation, great stories with crude humor and or amazing graphic fight scenes and I’m on board. Add to this that the episodes run around 12 minutes and you really have my attention.

The series has 18 episodes and I’ll admit, not all are a home run. WARNING: There is a lot of nudity in this series on some episodes. It’s awesome. That being said, with female nudity there is male nudity. Be prepared to see some swinging dong. Its hysterical. There needs to me more male nudity in movies. I must be weird but the male cock and balls are rather amusing to me.

I do not want too spoil episodes for anyone, but if you liked movies with massive space creatures battling to the gory death, surprise twists, alien invasions, alternate universes and insane “what would I do in that scenario” shows, this is for you. Don’t forget the nudity and cock and balls. Love, Death and Robots is highly entertaining, fast paced and action packed. The story telling is clever, smart and intriguing. Watch this series, you won’t be disappointed.

Lately I have had to really focus on making my mind less hectic.  I have a doctorate in procrastination and found I need to write things down in order to get some things done.  I have also discovered that I still put off doing things on my list sometimes.  Well, a lot of the time.

A to do list is a great tool to get you started, but I found that scheduling things in my calendar was a huge step in getting more important things done.  Your phone comes equipped with a calendar, use it.  Once I started scheduling my time at the gym, time to work on my business, my meditation practice and other important matters in life, I became much more efficient with my time.  Time is the one commodity we can not acquire more.  Be stingy with your time.  Everything I do is scheduled on a calendar. This is a tough habit to stick with, but when you commit 30 days to the process, you will be surprised about how much more efficient you become.

Meditation is the second practice I have started that was so difficult in the beginning, but is an important part of my daily routine. How do you start meditating?  Youtube has great beginner videos that will walk you through, 10, 15 or 30 minute sessions.   Just push play and follow the instructions.  I highly recommend starting off in the 5-10 minute range.  Spotify is another great resource for meditation.  Just start.  set aside 10 minutes a day where you won’t be disturbed.  Meditation benefits include reduced stress, improved concentration, information processing, fosters creativity an a host of other amazing things.


With great change comes great patience.  Try these practices in your life for the next 30 days and I guarantee you will see dramatic improvements in you life.  So many people I talk to live unfulfilled lives.  They are over 40, and feel like the American dream is really not a dream at all.  We are at a point were we realize this ride is at best half way over.  Perspectives and things change dramatically as life chugs along.  Thank you for joining me as I document my journey to build a newline after 40.


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Last week Civilian Military Combine announced the changes to their pit options and the challenge is looking pretty awesome. If you are not familiar with CMC, here is what they do:

CMC is the world’s fastest growing community of Hybrid Athletes, combining 4+ miles of obstacle racing with our revolutionary first challenge, The PIT.

The pit element is a lot of fun and a heart pumping experience that you won’t find in any other obstacle course race. Here is what CMC is doing for their 2015 season.


Last year Team Superhuman hit the Newtown Pa course and had a great time. It was a cloudy summer day that quickly turned to a horrid downpour when we ran the course.

The pit is an intense challenge that will push you far beyond your limits. People screaming, music pumping and the MC cheering you on. If you have never experiend CMC, you need to take the event.


CMC does a great job of spreading the obstacles over the course and you will see everything from mud crawls to massive structures for climbing and jumping.


Training for CMC is a great race and I really hope to see them blow up on the race scene this year. Training is fun and rewarding and in future articles I will be posting training articles specifically for CMC and will be looking forward to tackling the course and the pit in 2015.


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Several years ago I earned my Personal Trainer Certification from AFPA. At the time I was employed full time outside the fitness field, and looking to land my first job in the fitness business, part time if necessary, but I was hoping for full time.


At first glance there seems to be endless options for the new trainer, local chain gyms always have a need for personal trainers as do smaller club style gyms. The YMCA is also an option.


Off I went to the local chain gyms, eager to jump into the game. Unfortunately, I found out rather quickly, that most of your time is spent giving free trial sessions to new gym members versus actual training. Most of the time, these people never showed up to these sessions, and you end up wasting an hour of your time.


Quickly realizing that the personal training route wasn't lucrative, (or fun for me) and the leg work wasn't paying off, I decided to search for a group fitness gig. Craigslist can be hit or miss with these opportunities, fortunately, I got a hit.


A local karate studio called me in to do a kickboxing class three times per week. I never taught kickboxing before, and had only seen it on DVDs. But, I took the job that was offered. Seventy five dollars per week was my pay. My fitness career had begun, and my first class had a whopping three people. But by the time I left the karate studio, I grew the class tremendously.


So, you are ready to start a career in fitness? Here are ten things you must know.


1.Be comfortable in front of people.

You will be the authority in training your clients, wether in a one on one session or a group class, you need to be comfortable giving orders.


2. Learn to sell.

Not only are you a trainer, but you are a salesperson as well.


3. Marketing.

Learn to market your business as well as sell. Sales and marketing go hand in hand.


4. Don't be afraid to fail.

You will screw up workouts, forget exercises and draw blanks when your speaking at a crucial moment. That's the short list of things that could go wrong.


5. Have fun.

Enjoy what you do. A huge thing that motivated me as a coach was seeing a client master an exercise or reach a personal record, or weight loss goal. Have fun with your clients, be personable and entertaining.


6. Build a team.

Spartan runs, Tough Mudder and other groups have awesome events that you can rally people behind to stay motivated towards a specific fitness goal.



7. Create your own events.

This is a great way to bring recognition to yourself and your training. Night time burden runs, trail runs and other things can be done to bring attention to you and your brand.


8. Invite your friends.

Remember, you are now in business for yourself, invite as many of your friends as possible to work out WITH you. Friends will be more comfortable participating in a workout with you versus by your command.


9. Learn, do, repeat.

Don't be complacent, always be learning new exercises, and repeat the process.


10. Goals.

Business, personal and financial. Break these up into manageable chunks. Need help with goal setting? There are plenty of books on the Amazon market, websites and even free apps to help you achieve more.


These are 10 things I wish I knew the day I started my fitness career. Trust me, there is a huge learning curve when you start, but if you remember these 10 tips, you will be ahead of the curve.


Good luck, and if you need more tips or help, please comment below!



Upper body endurance and strength. 45 minute cap to make it interesting.



Legs!!! WOD 7/5/14

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It's legs day. The formula for this WOD IS 4 rounds of work per exercise, 50 seconds of work 15 seconds break between exercises. Go big, lift heavy and keep form tight.





Pull ups are some of the greatest yet most feared exercises. For many people it's a humbling experience. You stare at the bar, knowing that you should be able to crank out at least a dozen or more. Grip the bar, muscles ready to crank out the exercise, but to no avail. You get maybe 2 pull ups. At this point, most people give up on pull ups and walk away discouraged.


However, there is hope! When I started working out many moons ago I was a blobsquatch. I couldn't pick myself up 2 inches and could barely hang on to the bar for a few moments. I was humbled and pissed. At 30 years old, I should be able to do pull ups, but, no.


I was determined to get atleast 5 pull-ups. So how do you go from zero to hero?

1. Austrailian pull ups

This type of pull-up allows you to mimic a strict pull up, while building strength and form.

Spend 30 minutes two times a week working on these pull-ups. Don't be discouraged if you can only manage 2 or 3 pull-ups at a time. It's a progression, and will take time. Be patient. Do a few reps, take a break for a minute, crank out a few more. Reps, reps, reps.


2. Pull-up assist bands


Pull-up assist bands are the next step in your progression. These can be purchased at Walmart or Amazon. It's well worth the investment. These bands come in various resistance and will help you get stronger as you progress through he exercise.


As with Austrailian pull-ups the same methodology applies to the bands. Start with 3-4 reps at a time, take a break, crank out some more. Don't be afraid to change your grips to wide or close.

3. Remove the bands

After a few weeks with the bands, you are ready to remove bands and go full force into the pull ups. Again, start with 2-3 and take a break and hit a few more. You will fatigue quickly, and that's okay. Get the bands and finish your set.


What muscles benefit from pull-ups?







Not only will you look amazing, but you will build incredible strength. Don't fear pull ups, dive in and get started!


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The 2013 obstacle course race season came to a close in South Carolina on November 9 for us here at Team Superhuman. It was a great event capped off with finally earning my Trifecta Medal! This is an award you win when you successfully complete all 3 levels of the Reebok Spartan Race Series. The Sprint, 3 miles, Super, 8-10 miles and The Beast, 10-12 miles.


The course was difficult, the terrain rough and rugged and the obstacles as always, tested my strength and resolve.

Here are the highlights and low lights…

Low lights:

We volunteered in the gladiator pit from 6am until 1pm. This was a fun time, however I was shocked at how many men came through the shoot, complainting not to be hit with a pad on a stick. Sorry, but this is the Spartan Beast, and taking on the gladiators at the end is part of the event. Grown men whining not to get hit is sad and pathetic.



The major issue I have with Spartan with this event is having us work for free for 7 hours and providing us with NO FOOD. Apparently there was a voucher to receive food in our volunteer pack. Myself and several others received no such pack. Therefore I ran the beast undernourished, I ate as much as I could with the food I brought with me. It still wasn't nearly enough.




The course was in a dirt bike park that offered some gnarley terrain and plenty of water obstacles. The temperature in SC when we ran was barely 65 degrees. It was unusually cold which made all the water obstacles that much more difficult. Not only did you have to deal with the normal physical fatigue, but the wet and cold doubled the strain on your body, especially as the sun began to set.


Spartan included some of their staple obstacles, sandbag carry, barbed wire crawl, 8 foot walls, monkey bars and the tractor pull. All great obstacles and very challenging.


Since the event was in a dirt bike park, there was not a lot of elevation change that you typically see. This years Sprint and Super had huge elevation changes, this means you are doing more uphill marching than trail running. The Carolina Beast certainly included more trail running versus mountain marching.

The course challenged me more than any OCR I've ever done. First obstacle in I twisted my ankle and by mile 5 I questioned my resolve. Several times I was ready to quit. The pain in my ankle was so intense, it didn't seem that finishing was possible.


However, I pushed on, stuffed the pain away and finished in 4 hours and 36 minutes. My goal was 4 hours or less. I didn't reach my goal, but that time is still outstanding.

The event was fun, and I'm looking forward to getting back to train, for fun rather than competition. Make no mistake, Team Superhuman will be running the Reebok Spartan Races again next year, this time, our Beast Medal will come via Vermont!


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Fithy Fun Mud Run Review

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On Saturday October 12, Team Superhuman volunteered our services at the Filthy Fun Mud Run in Schwenksville PA, in return for free entry into the noon heat.ffmrstart

My wife Chriss and I were assigned to parking lot duty, while other members of the team were placed in bag check, water stations and various other positions.  This was my first time running the FFMR and also my first time as a volunteer for the organization.  I have volunteered before for Spartan and was eager to see how a smaller organization runs it’s volunteers.

I reported to the lower parking lot at 7:30am as directed via email, and met up with a fellow we called “LLoyd”.  I’m sure he told me his name, however I am horrible with names and forgot.  I only remembered Lloyd because he referred to his early morning bedhead as his Lloyd Christmas hair.


Lloyd took charge of handling the $5 per car to park charge and I corralled the cars in an orderly fashion throughout the lot.  There were 3 buses on hand to shuttle people to the event, and the wait between buses was minimal.  The entire shift went very well.  We most have parked over 200 in cars in 4 hours and had no problems whatsoever.  Well done on the volunteer side of things.  My wife and I left at 11am and headed over to Camp Kweebec were the FFMR was held.

We met up with the other members of Team Superhuman, and prepared for running in the noon heat.  The course was 3 miles with about 15 obstacles that consisted of a creek traverse, 6ft-10ft walls, barbed wire with mud and trail running.  The course was a great intro to anyone looking to have a fun mud run with minimal obstacle difficulty and a great trail run.


Team Superhuman at the FFMR finish

The team had a great time, as it was an every man/woman for themselves event for us.  Huge bragging rights and even some bets were on the table.

Ash on the water slide

Ash on the water slide


The Superhuman ladies at the creek traverse

Overall it was a fun event, and if you have ever wondered what these mud runs are about, this is a great intro to the world of OCR.  Get up go out, and become Superhuman!!!

Finish line!

Finish line!