A long time ago in a time period far far away I was a fat, sloppy guy with no direction. I discovered a DVD program that changed my life. To make a long story short, I had inspired many others to transform their bodies as well.  I became a personal trainer, and a long journey into the world of fitness business began.

It was a great honor helping so many people transform their lives with a team approach to fitness. Team Superhuman participated in dozens of mud runs, earned multiple Spartan Trifectas.

However, this moment in the sun didn’t last forever and I quickly became burned out on the fitness business.
Being a personal trainer is not just sitting in a gym as wave after wave of eager clients seek your skill set in helping achieve their goals. It’s a tremendous business and marketing effort. More time was spent marketing than actual training. I tried and failed to the point the passion for fitness burned away.

So here I am, working a 9-5 job, over 40 and find myself starting over in life.   This blog is the record of what it takes to re-invent yourself after 40 when you realize everything in life just isn’t what you though it was.


This is my journey of self discovery and discoveries, as I navigate through the quagmire that is life after 40.

This will no doubt be an awesome journey as I am full of insane opinions, sadness, anger, wonder and humor.

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