Building Champions

Posted: October 10, 2014 in Fitness, General, Spartan Training
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This year Team Superhuman will send almost a dozen athletes to complete their Trifecta at the Spartan Beast in Carolina. A few of our athletes have already completed their trifecta via the Vermont Beast World Championships.

As a competitor, I can tell you Vermonts course is truly the most difficult run I have ever encountered. The physical and mental test on this course is unyielding from beginning to end.

As a coach, it has been a rewarding experience to see so many people from the Superhuman Barbell Club/Team Superhuman conquer this epic event. Members of our Team come from all ages and backgrounds, but one thing is for sure, they have trained vigilantly over the past year to accomplish a goal few have reached.

Below are our four World Champions, and Trifecta medalists. The ladies on the left will be reaching the monumental goal of Double Trifecta this year.


The hybrid training model at the Superhuman Barbell Club is ideal for anyone looking to compete in any type of OCR, especially Spartan. We combine body weight exercises with barbell work as well as running. This model has helped shape top notch athletes. We can also help anyone looking to change their lifestyle and accomplish any fitness goal.

Become your own champion. You don't need gimmicks or special drinks to get in shape. Hard work, discipline and an incredible support system will help you become Superhuman.


Learn more about the Superhuman Barbell Club HERE.


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