Spartan Race Training With OCR Legend Jeff Cain

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Fitness, General
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When it comes to training for a Spartan Race, there are many sound articles on the web giving advice on how to train for a Spartan or any other OCR race you may be interested in running. Several months ago, I posted an article on training you can view here.


However, I firmly believe that in order to grow in fitness as well as life in general, you need to seek out new teachers that may be able to help you expand your repertoire.

Jeff Cain is a legend in the OCR world and his blog has many awesome articles about everything OCR, including training. I highly recommend Jeff's blog.

Several years ago when I started running these events, information on training was scarce, but now thanks to people like Jeff, there is a wealth of great information on this growing sport. So, without further delay here is Jeff Cain's tips for Spartan Race Training.



Thanks for reading! If you need any tips or training advice for Spartan Race, a Tough Mudder or any other obstacle course/mud run, feel free to contact me!


  1. Jeff Cain says:

    Kirk, thanks for re-posting and I think you exaggerated a little bit about me! 🙂

    • Kirk Waidell says:

      You have done an amazing amount of work to further and better the world of OCR, you are a legend in my book.

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