Vera and Her Inspirational Transformation

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Fitness
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I had the great pleasure of meeting Vera about 9 months ago after expanding the Superhuman Empire to another location. She presented a unique opportunity for me, in that I had never coached anyone over 50 years old.


Vera was already in great condition when we started together and I immediately recognized her potential to take her fitness to the next level. She was intense, confident and easily coachable. She had a desire to learn and become better, great qualities that coaches love to see in people.


It has been my pleasure to get to know Vera better over the past nine months and was floored when I saw her before picture. She has an amazing comeback story and has proven to all of us at Team Superhuman that age is just a number.


Meet Vera….


My Unexpected transformation

On my 50th birthday, I was happy but very stressed. Lots of family things going on, and being Italian, we are raised to take care of everyone else first and you last. So that is what I was doing, making sure my kids, mom,brothers and sister were all taken care of and that they were happy, but losing myself in the process.

August 2011


Meanwhile, I was dealing with stress by, what else, eating, afterall, I am Italian! I didn’t even realize that I was slowly putting on the pounds and not feeling welldue to the weight.

Then I experienced a break-up and I went into a deep depression. I felt lost. I didn’t know how to handle the unexpected break-up. I felt lonely and sad. It is hard when you think your life was all planned out for a happy future to one that just went topsy turvey on you overnight.

Fat Me

Thanks to my best friend who helped me snap out of it. She talked me into joining a gym and to channelmy saddness with exercise. We went everyday, seven days a week, I slowly saw the transformation happening as my clothes were now falling off me. I went out and was able to refresh my warddrobe, how exciting that is to see your clothes size go down!

My friend encouraged (more like bugged me) that the treadmill was not enough, that I needed to build muscle, since at my age we start losing muscle tone. To avoid boredomwe signed up for various classes, like belly dancing, zumba and then kickboxing which led me to meet Kirk while attending a kickboxing class.

Since I started to work out with Kirk and the fantastic group of people, I have seen the transformation, I see the staring signs of muscles that I didn’t think I would see. AlthoughI lost weight, I am now getting more toned due to the routines that I do in Kirk’s classes. Not only am I having fun with this team, I have made new friends. Being with Kirk and this team, I continue to get the support and encouragement to push myself.


Vera setting a PR of 120# dead lift

I participated in events (i.e timed runs, Color Run, signed up to do the Dirty Girl Mud Run, and finally my goal to do a Spartan Race, plus more future races! Once you start, you can’t stop!) that I would not have thought that I wanted to do or would be able to complete any of these races.Working with Kirk has given me the confidence that I so needed, that confidence where I can do anything, giving me that push and guidance to reach my goals.

I am in better health now then before I was 50 and loving the challenge that working out brings.
Looking forward to bigger and more challenging things in 2014.

 Color Run2014 Vera 2014



Vera is an amazing person and the entire Team at Superhuman HQ love having her with us. She’s always smiling, never complaining and certainly pushing herself to the limit. We are looking forward to more amazing things from Vera in 2014!



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