Why Getting Fired Was The Best Thing To Happen To Me

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Fitness, General
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About six months should I was fired for the second time in my life. Since I'm now 38 years old, I think this a decent accomplishment for me. My entire working career has been spent in and out of various jobs as a cook, maintenance worker and exterminator.




By far the greatest job I ever had was as a bug guy. Why did I love this? Because all day long, I was on my own. Sure I had to answer to my boss, but making calls on treatments was mine. It was freedom. I didn't mind driving, the work was a lot if fun and my customers were great people.

Everyday I was somewhere different. No stuffy kitchen or shop to report to all day long. It was heaven. However things change.

Fast forward several years and I'm running my own fitness classes at a local karate studio. When I decided I wanted to become a billionaire, the first step was how do I get there? I changed my life with fitness, and decided that was my direction. I'm working a crappy day job and growing a small following for my fitness classes at night. My goal was to have my own facility. The studio I trained my class at was limited in space and equipment.

However when you are building a business there are delays in goals, set backs and personal complacency, you just get comfy and stop challenging yourself.

I suffered from all these things and more.


There are also things beyond your control that will really challenge your fortitude and passion. One of those is being fired.

But, being strong in the force I saw that new management was in control at the karate studio where Team Superhuman was born, and my time there was limited.

Sure enough, I was fired. Not due to incompetence, but more like creative differences. This termination taught me how to be resourceful in a pinch.

It forced me to finally move into my own facility, to take the step of growing the Superhuman Empire and my vision of fitness and place it in my hands. It was tremendous freedom, but spine numbing anxiety as well.

At the time the firing went down, I was pissed, bitter and resentful. It forced me to ask others to help me see my dream through. And I did ask. And amazing people came through, and Team Superhuman exploded.

It taught me to have more confidence in myself and my vision.

I learned PECO is horribly incompetent.

I forged relationships with some kick ass people.


It taught me it's not over until I say it is. I am actively pursuing my goals and vision. It may take my entire life to see it through, but honestly, I have nothing better to do. Getting fired was a great life lesson and I'm grateful for the experience.


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