20 Ways To Be Superhuman in 2014

Posted: December 17, 2013 in General
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Being Superhuman isn't just about physical accomplishments with your fitness, running 5k's or Spartan Races or other feats of physical awesomeness. There's more to becoming Superhuman, it's a movement, a lifestyle. 2014 will be here in a flash, and it's the time of year where many if us reflect on the past year and look forward to accomplishing new goals in the new year. Sadly, these resolutions go unfulfilled, and dreams and goals put off for another year.


But 2014 will be different for you! You are on your way to being Superhuman! Here are 20 ways to make 2014 a Superhuman year for you.


1. Goals

If you were planning a cross country trip, wouldn't you plan how you will reach your destination? What about your vacation? I'm sure a lot of planning goes into any trip you plan. So why not plan your life the same way? Your goals for the year? Each month? Each week? Plan your life. You have one shot, make it worth it.



2. Fitness

Are you were you want to be with your fitness? If so, what do you want to accomplish now? Learn new workouts? Start a marathon training program? A triathlon? Go bigger, never rest on your accomplishments.

Perhaps you are not fit. It's time to get up and get active. Stop waiting for tomorrow, or Monday. Start a fitness program, take a class. Set a goal of losing 10 pounds and running a 5k. Keep your fitness goals tied to events more than a weightloss number.

3. Give Back

Take the time once or more a month to give back. Wether it's in your local community or through financial donations to a cause you feel strongly about, or donating time to a local animal shelter. It's an amazing feeling, deep in your soul to give back to others.

4. Courtesy

I'm amazed at how rude people can be. I can't be the only one who's been a victim of the jerk who slides in the door at the gas station, just a split second before me and can't take 3 seconds to have the courtesy to hold the door open for me as I'm walking behind him. Hold doors for people, say please and thank you to everyone. When you take your significant other out to dinner, pull the chair out for your date. I know it's elementary but this lost art seems to be dying in society today.

5. Break The Rules

Rules are meant to be broken. Some of the greatest creators, inventors and business people made epic strides in their lives by breaking the rules. Don't break the law, but as the old saying goes, “Rules are meant to be broken” is true. Break the rules to meet your goals.

6. Laugh

Laughter is truly the best medicine. Always find the humor in all situations. I highly recommend laughing atleast 100x a day. I don't care if it's a radio show, TV program or just a website that provides you with a good chuckle. Laugh. A lot.

7. Don't Take Yourself So Seriously

People will laugh at you. Your goals, your dreams, your shoes. It's inevitable. The key to this is not take yourself so seriously. Through out life there will be someone who laughs at you or behind your back. Don't sweat it.

8. Eat Good Fuel

This is always easier said than done. However, it doesn't need to be a diet. It's a lifestyle. If you eat 5-6 small meals a day, drink 2 liters of water daily and save the cheat meal for the weekend, you are already way ahead. You don't need a diet, you need a lifestyle.

9. Don't Gossip

Really…don't do it. It will always come back to bite you in the ass. It makes you a better person.

10. Fail

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Our entire scholastic career we are taught not to fail. In business, fitness and life failure is a necessity. It's how we learn. But that's the key, learn from your mistakes. Failure is a good thing, don't be afraid to fail.

11. Learn A New Language

You can simply and easily learn a new language in 30 minutes a day with a free app called Duolongo. I have been using this app for several months with my daughter, and both of us have excelled at learning and understanding German. Learn a new language helps keep your brain healthy.

12. Apologize

Saying your sorry is another one of those elementary things we should already know. But sometimes we let pride get in the way of an apology. Perhaps you said something to a loved one and you regret what was said. Own it, apologize for your wrongs. And you know what? Sometimes we need to apologize when we think it's not our fault. Be the bigger person and do it.

13. Kill Fear

Fear is irrational. Fear nothing. Tackle everything in life with an unwavering amount of courage. Let go of fear.

14. Find A Mentor

Life and goals can be so much sweeter with the aid of someone to guide you. Mentors can be found in books, on the web or in your community. Whatever you want to do in life, there is someone who did it first. Success leaves tracks, figure who's where you want to be in life and study how they did it. Having a person in your corner to help you avoid pitfalls and give you advice is a huge key to success in any endeavor.

15. Just Say No

I had a really hard time years ago saying no to people or things in my life that wasted my time, money and energy. Guilt killed me, and I would always say yes to everything. No more. My time is valuable, and I refuse to spend it doing things or hanging out with people because of obligation. Say no.

16. Turn Off The News

The local and world news is chocked full of death, depression, fire, and all kinds of other horrors. It's a downer. A huge steaming pile of negativity. Stay away from the news. If you want to know what's going on in the world, get an app an peruse the news at your discretion. But don't dwell on it.

17. Keep Learning

The amount of free information to help further your education or help you learn a skill is amazing. The internet has a wealth of websites, blogs and books that can help you do and learn anything. Take advantage of this miraculous tool.

18. Meet New People

One of the most rewarding experiences in life is to meet new people. Make a goal to meet 10 new friends in 2014.

19. Memories

Life is about memories. I believe once our journey on this earth is over, the one thing we take with us is our memories. Have less stuff and create more memories.

20. Keep It Real

Be you! Don't be afraid to keep it real. Tell the truth, speak your mind and be honest!



Thanks for reading! I would greatly appreciate you sharing this post and commenting below on how you will keep it Superhuman in 2014!


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