5 Reasons To Join A Group Fitness Program

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Fitness
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Group fitness is an excellent way to keep yourself on track for your fitness goals.  When you surround yourself with people who are aiming to achieve a goal, it helps you become better as well.  That not only goes for fitness, but all aspects of life.  Surround yourself with people who bring you up.  That being said here are 5 good reasons to workout in a group.

1. Support

Having a room full of people cheering you on to get that extra rep, or push through for those last few seconds of a Tabata interval is powerful.  It builds a sense of camaraderie.  People working and encouraging each other to be better.


2. Motivation

Seeing others succeed in their fitness journey is a huge motivator.  When someone pulls off 10 straight pull ups or completes a benchmark workout in record time, you can’t help but be motivated.  Within a group the power to be stronger, better, faster is multiplied.

3. Accountability

Hearing success stories from others in the group as well as hints, tips and tricks for eating, pre and post workout snacks are just some of the things that will enrich your experience in group fitness.  People tend to share what they like, and what things work for them in fitness and diet.  Most of our Team workouts always include a confessional time of some indulgent food or beverage choices we made.  It is good to indulge.


4. Consistency 

A group fitness class will usually follow a consistent schedule.  You can plan the workouts into your day.  Make it a priority to attend.  When you own a gym membership it can be easier to skip a work out that’s not a set time.

5. Meet New and Interesting People

Working out in a group will inevitably lead to meeting new people.  Now if you are a fan of meeting new people, this is ideal for you.  You are spending at least an hour 2-5 times a week with a group, you are bound to maybe make a new friend.  You never know until you try.

Team Superhuman after the FFMR

Team Superhuman after the FFMR


So, there you have it, 5 really good reasons why you should try a group fitness class.  The Team Superhuman Barbell Club is open to new members for our December Program!





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