Fithy Fun Mud Run Review

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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On Saturday October 12, Team Superhuman volunteered our services at the Filthy Fun Mud Run in Schwenksville PA, in return for free entry into the noon heat.ffmrstart

My wife Chriss and I were assigned to parking lot duty, while other members of the team were placed in bag check, water stations and various other positions.  This was my first time running the FFMR and also my first time as a volunteer for the organization.  I have volunteered before for Spartan and was eager to see how a smaller organization runs it’s volunteers.

I reported to the lower parking lot at 7:30am as directed via email, and met up with a fellow we called “LLoyd”.  I’m sure he told me his name, however I am horrible with names and forgot.  I only remembered Lloyd because he referred to his early morning bedhead as his Lloyd Christmas hair.


Lloyd took charge of handling the $5 per car to park charge and I corralled the cars in an orderly fashion throughout the lot.  There were 3 buses on hand to shuttle people to the event, and the wait between buses was minimal.  The entire shift went very well.  We most have parked over 200 in cars in 4 hours and had no problems whatsoever.  Well done on the volunteer side of things.  My wife and I left at 11am and headed over to Camp Kweebec were the FFMR was held.

We met up with the other members of Team Superhuman, and prepared for running in the noon heat.  The course was 3 miles with about 15 obstacles that consisted of a creek traverse, 6ft-10ft walls, barbed wire with mud and trail running.  The course was a great intro to anyone looking to have a fun mud run with minimal obstacle difficulty and a great trail run.


Team Superhuman at the FFMR finish

The team had a great time, as it was an every man/woman for themselves event for us.  Huge bragging rights and even some bets were on the table.

Ash on the water slide

Ash on the water slide


The Superhuman ladies at the creek traverse

Overall it was a fun event, and if you have ever wondered what these mud runs are about, this is a great intro to the world of OCR.  Get up go out, and become Superhuman!!!

Finish line!

Finish line!

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