A Brushes and Buds Story

In this weeks episode of Brushes and Buds I go solo on the reveal and do a self portrait of me. Which I guess is what a self portrait really is. So, what did I do? I took a picture of myself….naked and used that as my inspiration for this weeks painting.

Whats the wonderful flower I used to medicate before painting? My all time favorite, Jet fuel. You can find out more about Jet fuel here. This strain quickly became my number. 1 strain after a trip to Colorado a few years ago. But, there’s more about that in the video below.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy the video!!!



Brushes and Buds 4

In this weeks episode of Brushes and Buds I go deep into my artistic talents and get some great detail on the background. I managed to put n some glorious rolling hills, mountains and of course, the duo of Boner and I chillin’ in a field. G-Leaf Extracts Maui Wowie provided the medicinal inspiration behind this weeks painting.

So, sit back, get your favorite medical cannabis strain and enjoy another edition of Brushes and Buds.

I Paint My Friend and Myself

In this weeks episode of Brushes and Buds I decided Boner would need me in the painting. I experimented on a greater level with backgrounds and the result was not a disappointment.

As for the medication, Stellar Surprise from Terrapin in the terra pod was a delight. These pods are super convenient, easy to use and very tasty. The only down side is they seem to burn up pretty quick. But, I am a heavy hitter, so that could be why. Carts vs Pods, I would stick with carts.

As I continue to learn the skill of painting I enjoy the peaceful meditation it brings my mind and soul with each creation. Thank you and enjoy episode 3 of Brushes and Buds.


I Paint My Friend and a Horse

In this edition of Brushes and Buds I really wanted to focus on painting a magnificent background for my subject. Painting continues to be an excellent hobby that has allowed me to express my creative side which I feel is essential to happiness in this mad world.

Never be afraid to try new things and express your creativity however you see fit. Creativity, like fitness and skills building have been essential in helping me keep anxiety and depression at bay.

Enjoy this hysterical episode of Brushes and Buds, it was fun to do and I hope to keep creating more!

I Paint My Friend

For many years I suffered from depression and anxiety. I believe this was due to allowing myself to get away from having a creative outlet in life. Many of us have this issue after high school. We lose our creativity, get a job, have a car payment, girlfriend, wedding, kid….life.

I think the lack of having a creative outlet is one of the many things that contributed to my depression in life over the years. I began painting here and there years ago, but never took hold of the art until I painted my best friend, Boner. Through these absurd paintings I have found an amazing outlet for creativity. I no longer sit in front of the TV wasting away for hours on end watching Netflix or playing video games. I create art.

So, not only do I create art, which I loved so much as a kid, I create videos, which I loved all through out high school, and even fantasized about going to Hollywood to be a director. However, the director gig didn’t pan out because I was an unmotivated slacker who had dreams but not the fire to make them reality.

Now, here I am, making videos about art. Not just any art, I paint my friend…naked. So, take a few minutes and enjoy this video where I combine some of my favorite things, my buddy Boner, art, video making and weed. Welcome to Brushes and Buds.