Be Superhuman


I want to be Superhuman. Honestly, I want to have a kick ass lifestyle. Own my own business, work from home, call the shots. defines Superhuman as the following:

1. above or beyond what is human; having a higher nature or greater powers than humans have:
a superhuman being.
2. exceeding ordinary human power, achievement, experience, etc.:
a superhuman effort.

Usually when you say Superhuman you think of people like Batman, Superman, Thor, Hulk and any other fictional character you can name.  But what about Superhumans that are not fictional characters?  People who achieve amazing feats of strength and endurance, intellectual Superhumans such as Steven Hawking. There are business Superhumans, technology Superhumans, the list can go on.

But what about the average guy?  How do I become Superhuman?  Get strong? Lift weights?  How about immeasurable wealth and power.  I’m pushing forty and the last thing I really care about is incredible wealth.  Would I love to be rich? Fuck yes. Who wouldn’t?  Again, for me being Superhuman is more than that.

As I look back on the past I realize I fucked up a ton of shit in my life. I’m far from the Superhuman I envisioned myself to be. At 17 years old,  I remember being full if so many big dreams.  The sky was the limit, the world my oyster.  However, things went wrong along the way.  Bad decisions, lots of them.  Procrastination.  Loyalty to the wrong people.  Poor choice of friends.  Those are things are just the tip of the iceberg that landed me in a life of shit.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love where I am in life now.  My children are doing fantastic and my wife is truly my Pepper Potts.  Without all my ass backwards decisions in life I wouldn’t have them.
However, I would have preferred to be in a better situation in life.

Working 9-5 in a job that literally eats away the joy in your soul, for a paycheck that barely allows you a vacation a year sucks ass.  If you are in this situation you know what I mean.  It really makes you fell very un-superhuman.  So, I got tired of living a mediocre painful existence. I decided I wanted to be Superhuman.

But, where the hell do I begin?  Seriously?  How do I become Superhuman?  Is it too late? Am I too old?  Nope.  Not at all.

Before I go further, let’s start from the. Beginning.

Who am I
It has been almost a dozen years now, I was driving down the road, stuffing my face.  There was a nice glaze of glistening Krispy Kreme donut goodness caked to beard, my gut provided a great shelf for any morsel of food that didn’t make it down my gullet.

I caught a glimpse of this gluttony and had a moment. A moment where I realized I was a fat pig. Again. Peering into my rear view mirror, glaze shining on my cheeks, I had a sad view into how disgusting I was.  This was not the first time my grossness disturbed me. Like always, I would say I need to get in shape, but never really commit to anything other than a bag of chips and a six pack.

At home I would see my fatness in the mirror, clothes shopping had become another moment where I realized I was a slob. My waist was pushing forty inches and I began to develop man boobs.  But still I procrastinated. What really got me was the view of food dripping from my chops like blood from the jaws of a wolf feeding on a fresh kill.  Only my kill was sugary goodness and hot donut glaze. I had to do something.

For Christmas my lovely wife purchased me the VHS version of Power 90.  I dove in with both feet and in 90 days lost 20 lbs. not bad, but like many I lost motivation and gained 25 back.
So I spent another year fat before a trip to Disney World snapped me back to reality.  Going through the photos I found a picture of me so vomitus that it super charged my motivation.

Fitness Created Discipline

By starting a regimented fitness program I began to form positive habits in my life.  It took small increments of discipline in the beginning, but I began an effect that would begin to snowball into other aspects of my life.

Once you truly commit to a program, whether it’s fitness, food change or anything else you want to Superhuman in your life, you need to be disciplined.

Before I started a program to work out and lose weight, I was a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy.  I had no real plans for life.  Dreams, aspirations and wishes most certainly.  But I was a master procrastinator and had zero discipline.  Those were just a few of the issues that landed me in the shit.  For the first time in years I found something that easily spelled out what workout to do, and a simple eating plan.  This was the catalyst I needed to begin change in my life. The superhuman seed had been planted.


From Zero To Hero
After a year on the at home dvd series power 90 and two rounds of p90x I was feeling and looking good.  It was time to put my body to the test. I entered tough Mudder before the OCR world really exploded. This was a 10 mile course that involved running, swimming and mud.  The race kicked my ass. But I completed it, and that was my only goal. To finish.  However, I realized I had much more work to do.

I was intrigued by what my mind and body could be pushed to accomplish.  I wanted to do more.

The Iron Man Factor
I’m a huge Iron Man fan.  This fandom started my obsession with becoming Superhuman.  Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and financially as well.  For me being Superhuman has become an evolution.  A continuous effort to build and rebuild myself in order to reach my goals.


What’s Keeping You Alive Is Also Killing You
I’m a firm believer that the American lifestyle of working 9-5, five days a week for fifty plus years is a disgusting way to to exist.  It’s not superhuman to be under the thumb of another persons rule.  I hated working for another person.  Being treated by a boss who seemed more like a babysitter treating me like I am a child drove me insane.  Humans aren’t meant to be confined in such a manner.  My driving goal for a long time is to be able to leave the natural order of the work force and be the master of my own destiny.  One way or another, I refuse to let life pass me by in misery.


Control Time
To be superhuman you must control your day to day activity. Working under the rule of a company or another individual usually is the most hated experience. Now some of you are fortunate enough to have a job you love, and don’t work a day in your life.  But the reality of life is 92% of the population hates what they do for a living.  Much of my adult working life has been spent being ruled by another person.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  I tried and failed at almost a dozen network marketing companies. Not because the business model was bad.  It was because I sucked.  I’m not affiliated with any network marketing or MLM companies but I believe 100% that these companies are a massive opportunity to obtain financial freedom.  The key is to find the right company and training model for you.

I want to be the master of my own time and destiny.  That is Superhuman. Waking up everyday and running the schedule as you see fit.  No corporate rules, no time clock.
Control time.

Minimalist vs Consumer
At one time I owned a nice home, had two cars, dogs, cats, kids wife, decent job, the whole nine yards.  I had reached the dream right? Wrong. I felt empty. Sure I was keeping up with the Jones, but it was so unfulfilling.  I wanted more. But less.  Nothing lasts forever, and the only thing you take with you is memories.  I began to shift my focus in life from having more to doing and experiencing more.  Accumulate things that last forever, memories.  Now I rent a house, have very little in the way of possessions and decor or fancy furniture.  This has freed me from the revolving door of debt that keeps so many people enslaved to a horrible soul sucking career.  For me, being a minimalist is definitely helped my Superhuman evolution.

What About The Children?
If you have children, please make it a priority to pass down your knowledge.  They should be Superhuman as well.  There is no great instruction manual on how to raise kids that I have found.  My best advice, don’t let your kid be an asshole.  My parents were sheltered and naive. I grew up like a veal.  Stuck in a box until I was about seventeen.  My father never spoke of politics, economics, world news or anything.  My mother was a stay at home mom, but she had little guidance about life for me as well.  I was fed, clothed, sheltered and loved.  They made sure I got through high school but never really had any expectations for me. My fathers only advice was to get a job with benefits.  And that’s what I did.  I’m nineteen years old, have a decent job, so naturally I asked my father now what do I do in life.  He had nothing.  No advice.  He threw me to the wolves and I was eaten alive.  Don’t throw your children to the wolves.

Continuing Education
Be educated. Reading books was what really began the development of my Superhuman mind.  I don’t mean take an algebra class or some shit. Want to learn how to be more organized, there’s a book for that.  Or blog, or YouTube video.  Today the resources to help you achieve anything you want are all over the web.  Your own personal development should be a priority In your life on the daily.  Spend at the least twenty minutes a day reading or learning something that will assist you in becoming Superhuman.  It’s a non stop process. Keep learning.

Legacy is something important to me. I also believe it’s very Superhuman.  Leaving something behind that makes the world a better place should be everybody’s priority.  Wether it’s a journal that you leave to your children or paintings or a charitable foundation.  Make it a goal to leave something positive behind for the next generation.

There is no way you can be Superhuman without hustling.  And I don’t mean running or getting through a work out quickly.  It’s the ability to keep yourself on fire to achieve your goals.  To suck up the extra time to educate yourself, put off the party, and invest in you.  Work overtime if you need too at the job.  Everything you do must push you towards your Iron Goal.  The goal that drives you daily.

If you don’t set goals forget about being Superhuman.  You need to have a map to get you were your going.  You need one when you travel, you need one for life.  If you are in the shit, and have a miserable existence, it’s most likely because you float through life, rolling with the punches.  Fuck that theory.  I know from experience it’s a recipe for failure.  Get on a program that helps you set goals and do it, that’s what it takes to be Superhuman.


Embrace The Suck
If you were like me there’s a point in life where almost everything sucks.  Of course there is a lot of good in life, family, friends etc.  but there’s things that suck. Work, debt, hating where you live. You need to embrace the suck.  Embrace it, but realize life won’t always suck. If you allow stress and anxiety to creep into your life, it will not make your days any better.  Embrace the suck, but keep moving towards your goals. Work to be free.

Be Superhuman
Life is not meant to be trudged through. It’s meant to be conquered. If you are trudging through a horrible job, marriage or anything that drains your happiness, it’s not to late to decide to be Superhuman.  Age is just a number, it’s never to late to write a new chapter in your life.

Being a Superhuman is a choice, a lifestyle.  It’s beginning a commitment to be a better human being, the best human you can be.  To conquer all aspects of life.  Become a master of your time and destiny, there are countless opportunities out there for starting a new business, a new career or new fitness program.

Start today, join a gym, buy a book.  Do something. Decide to be Superhuman.  Think about what being superhuman means to you.  Follow the famous Nike slogan and just do it.

You get one shot on this earth. This is your only chance at life.  Why not live it on your terms? Join the evolution, be Superhuman.